Top 10 Banquet

The annual Top 10 Banquet was held last night at Vetoni’s. The Top 10 Banquet allows our top 10 graduates to honor a special teacher that made a difference in their time at EISD. The students write a letter to their teacher and read it to the teacher and the audience. The teachers are presented with the framed letter, a certificate, and a plaque. The students also receive a certificate.

Below are the students and the teachers that they chose to honor:

Graduating 10th  – Hayden Shaddox   Teacher – Chris Powers

Hayden Shaddox and Chris Powers

Graduating 9th  – Charles “Bucky” Womble    Teacher – Steve Stegall

Bucky Womble and Steve Stegall

Graduating 8th – Tanner Van Horn     Teacher – Ronnie Babcock

Tanner Van Horn and Ronnie Babcock

Graduating 7th – Jazmine Valencia             Teacher – Ashley Moulton

Jazmine Valencia and Ashley Moulton

Graduating 6th – Brooke Caldwell             Teacher – Vikki GoDair

Brooke Caldwell and Vikki GoDair

Graduating 5th – Anna Gaddis                                         Teacher – Sunny Hardy

Anna Gaddis and Sunny Hardy

Graduating 4th – Jessica Plunk                                      Teacher – Cody Taylor

Jessica Plunk and Cody Taylor

Graduating 3rd – Jodi Costlow                                          Teacher – Theresa Tindel

Jodi Costlow and Theresa Tindel

Graduating 2nd – Shelby Jade Evans                    Teacher – Tiffany Miley

Jade Evans and Tiffany Miley

Graduating 1st – Micah Zimmerer                     Teacher – Josh Sypert

Micah Zimmerer and Josh Sypert

The Top 10 Students

Top 10 Students

Top 10 Students with Teachers

Top 10 Students with Teachers



















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