Complete Cross Country Results

Thanks to cross country head coach Josh Sypert for this information:

The Eustace Cross Country Teams competed in the DISTRICT Meet yesterday, October 14, 2019 in Malakoff, TX.

The meet started with the Varsity Girls and was a very close race. The Varsity Girls pulled off the win in dramatic fashion only winning by 9 points to Mildred. The Team had 38 points to Mildred’s 47 points. The girls were led by Senior Krislynn Westbrook who placed 5th overall and ran a 13:42, next was Freshman Paige Row in 6th who ran a 13:56, and Sophomore Brookelyn Patterson placed 7th and ran a 13:59, then Senior Macy Penix placed 9th who ran a 14:06, Sophomore Madisen Kulsa placed 12th and ran a 14:09, Junior Jeanne Pickett placed 17th and ran a 14:39, and Senior Elexis Porte placed 19th and ran a 14:52.

The next race was the Varsity Boys. One could say the boys pulled off the win in dramatic fashion as well! The varsity boys were meet champions with a perfect score, meaning our top 7 boys finished in the top 7 places. The overall boys Champion was senior Dalton Page who ran a 16:06, next was Senior Jaden Lopez who placed 2nd and ran a 16:44, then Sophomore Trenton Porte who placed 3rd and ran a 16:54, Senior Colby Carpenter placed 4th and ran a 17:03, Senior Collin Sutton placed 5th and ran a 17:07, Senior John Saine placed 6th and ran a 17:20, and Junior Nate Holland placed 7th and ran a 17:43.

The JV Girls were meet champions with 4 girls in the top 4 places, They were led by Freshman Morgan Buccafurno who ran a 14:46, next was Sophomore Brooklyn Moore who placed 2nd who ran a 15:10, Junior Tabitha Rigby placed 3rd and ran a 15:30, and Sophomore Iciar Aragon placed 4th and ran a 15:38 and in 6th, Junior Melissa Millan ran a 16:23.

The JV boys had a long line of purple finishing 13 boys in the top 13 places. There is no such thing as something better than a perfect score, but if there was, this would be it! These boys were led by individual Champ Sophomore Jake Haney who ran a 17:48, closely behind was Senior Fransisco Gomez who placed 2nd and ran a 17:49, next was Sophomore Cooper Reeve who placed 3rd and also ran sub-18 with a time of 17:59, Sophomore Caleb Gonzalez who placed 4th, Junior Danny Stout placed 5th, Junior Joseph Hunter placed 6th, Junior Jackson Byrum placed 7th, Freshman Jaden Stout placed 8th, Sophomore Jimmie Skeeters placed 9th, Sophomore Owen Stahl placed 10th, Junior Cade Adair placed 11th, Junior Cory Smith placed 12th, and Sophomore Scottie Neeper placed 13th.



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