This Week

Congratulations to the EHS varsity boys basketball team on winning the championship of the Elkhart Tournament. The Bulldogs posted wins over Kennard, Elkhart, and Troup to bring home the championship trophy.

The Middle School girls 7A team won the consolation championship in the Canton Tournament. The 7A girls lost in a buzzer beater to Crandall, and then posted wins over Whitehouse and Lindale for the consolation championship.

The High School will be doing End-of-Course testing throughout this week.

Primary will continue with Season’s Readings all this week. Starting Thursday, the Primary will have its AR Store open.

I’m sure some of you have noticed the beautiful Christmas Tree in front of the High School cafeteria. The use of that tree for this holiday season was donated by Josh Truitt and Christmas Décor.

Monday – High School Band All Region Tryouts; MS Girls Basketball v. Mineola – 5:00; MS Boys Basketball at Mineola – 5:00; Construction Committee Meeting – 6:00 – High School Library

Tuesday – JVG & VG v. Wills Point – 5:00

Thursday – Middle School One Act Play Contest at Kemp: Middle School and High School Christmas Concert – 7:00 PM – High School Auditorium; 9th & JV boys basketball at Van Tournament; Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls Basketball at Trinidad Tournament

Friday -9th & JV boys basketball at Van Tournament; Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls Basketball at Trinidad Tournament

Saturday – 9th & JV boys basketball at Van Tournament; Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls Basketball at Trinidad Tournament; Christmas on the Square

I hope everyone has a great week!

Welcome Back and This Week

Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! We have three weeks left in the first semester. These weeks are three of the busiest weeks in the school year.

This Week

Season’s Readings starts today at the Primary and continues through December 13.

The JVG and VG will be hosting the Eustace Tournament this Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Monday – Middle School girls basketball at Quitman – 5:00; Middle School boys basketball v. Quitman – 5:00; Construction Committee Meeting – 6:00 – High School library

Tuesday – Varsity boys basketball at Miller’s Grove – 6:00; JV and Varsity girls basketball v. Kaufman – 5:00

Wednesday – Middle School Band All Region Tryouts; Middle School picture retakes; Primary School picture retakes

Thursday – 9th and JV boys basketball at Mabank Tournament; Varsity boys basketball at Elkhart Tournament; JVG and VG basketball – Eustace Tournament

Friday  – 9th and JV boys basketball at Mabank Tournament; Varsity boys basketball at Elkhart Tournament; JVG and VG basketball – Eustace Tournament

Saturday – 9th and JV boys basketball at Mabank Tournament; Varsity boys basketball at Elkhart Tournament; JVG and VG basketball – Eustace Tournament

I hope everyone has a great week!

This Week

The 2017 football season came to and end this past Friday. The Bulldogs fell in their last game of the year 13-37 against West. I want to give a special thank you to all of our seniors for a great year. The Bulldogs finished 6-4 on the year and 3-4 in district. Also, a special thank you to all the parents, relatives, and friends that supported the Bulldogs through the 2017 season. A thank you goes out to all of the coaches for all the hours put into this football season. Finally, a special thank you to the cheerleaders and the Mighty Bulldog Marching Band for their hard work and support this football season.

Seniors 2018 – Senior Pep Rally

Be sure to check our YouTube page for videos of the Senior Pep Rally, the Bulldogs taking the field with American flags, and the Senior Walk on the field after the game.

Now, we get basketball season underway. There will be games throughout this week, as both the boys and girls teams play individual games on Tuesday and head to tournaments Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

A special congratulations goes out to the High School cafeteria staff on winning the 2017 Thanksgiving Dressing Contest. A picture of the winning team is below:

High School Cafeteria Staff – 2017 winners of Thanksgiving Dressing Contest

This Week

Monday – Jazz Band Clinic and Concert; Middle School Girls Basketball at Kemp – 5:00; FIRST Hearing – 6:50 – High School library; Board Meeting – 7:00 – High School library

Tuesday – National Young Reader’s Day; Rotary Club Book Giveaway; JV & V Boys Basketball at Trinidad; VG Basketball at Frankston – 6:00

Thursday – 9th and JV Boys Basketball at Lindale Tournament; JVG Basketball at Van Tournament; VG Basketball at Ferris; Construction Committee Meeting – 6:00

Friday – Early Release Day; 9th and JV Boys Basketball at Lindale Tournament; JVG Basketball at Van Tournament; VG Basketball at Ferris

Saturday – 9th and JV Boys Basketball at Lindale Tournament; JVG Basketball at Van Tournament; VG Basketball at Ferris

Monday, November 20 – Friday, November 24 – Thanksgiving Holidays

Monday, November 20 – Middle School Girls BB v. Scurry – 5:00; Middle School Boys BB at Scurry – 5:00; JVB, VG & VB Basketball v. Oakwood – 12:00

Tuesday, November 21 – 9th, JV, and V Boys Basketball at Mildred – 4:30

Monday, November 27 – Classes resume at regular times.

I hope everyone has a great week!




Greenhouse at the High School

A couple of years ago, the school board approved funds to upgrade the greenhouse at the High School. The greenhouse is used for the AP Environmental Science class, among others. Below are some pictures of what is happening at the greenhouse today.

Goldfish Tank
Fish Tank 1
Hydroponics and Other Plants
More Plants
Fish Tank 2

Water is being used to grow plants and vegetables without soil. The water in the goldfish tank is pumped up to use as water for plants. The water, with a little help from gravity, then flows back into the goldfish tank. The goldfish help clean up the water that flows back into the tank. The same thing is happening with the other two larger tanks.

Thanks to Chuck Powers, Chris Powers, and all their students for the hard work it has taken to get this greenhouse up and going!

Local Optional Homestead Exemption

Over the course of the next few weeks, I would like to share further information about the district finances and how they are calculated. One of the things that often gets overlooked in the process, is the fact that Eustace ISD is still one of the few districts in the state that offers a local optional homestead exemption to the taxpayers of the district. A total of 192 school districts in the state (out of a listing of 1,019 provided by the comptroller’s office) offer a local optional homestead exemption. Of the 192 that offer the local exemption, 151 offer a 20% exemption. Eustace ISD is one of the districts that offers a 20% exemption. Twenty percent is the largest percentage offered by school districts.

How does the local optional homestead exemption work? It is easier to see the benefit of the local exemption by looking at an example. Let’s look at the difference between taxes owed on a $100,000 home without the local exemption and then with the local exemption.

The state provides an exemption of $25,000 for each homestead (that is up in recent years from $15,000).  If there were no local exemption, the taxes owed on a $100,000 home would be calculated as follows:

$100,000 – $25,000 (state exemption) = $75,000

$75,000 ÷ 100 x $1.23(EISD’s current tax rate) = $922.50

The value is divided by 100 because the tax is calculated on the value per hundred.

Now, with the local optional homestead exemption, the tax owed on the same $100,000 home is calculated as follows:

$100, 000 x 20%(local exemption percent) = $20,000

$100,000 – $20,000 (local exemption) = $80,000

$80,000 – $25,000 (state exemption) = $55,000

$55,000 ÷ 100 x $1.23 = $676.50

So, a resident of Eustace ISD, with a home valued at $100,000 would save $246.00 in taxes because of the local optional homestead exemption.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the local homestead exemption, or any other aspect of the district, please feel free to contact me at


Weekend Update and This Week

First, congratulations to the varsity volleyball team on a great season. The Lady Bulldogs ended up as the second place team in the district and went on to win the bi-district championship. They lost in the area round to Callisburg.

The JV, 8th, and 7th grade football teams all recorded victories last Thursday. The JV football team defeated Whitney 20-19, the 8th grade team defeated Westwood 22-16, and the 7th grade team defeated Westwood 32-16.

Friday night, the varsity football team won a big district game at Whitney, 53-19! The Bulldogs were dominant on both sides of the football in the win.

On Saturday, the boys and girls cross country teams made their annual appearance at the state cross country meet. Saturday marked the 5th year in a row that the girls team had qualified for the state meet. The boys have qualified to run at the state meet 8 years in a row.

Overall, the girls placed 5th. The stats for the girls are given below:
1 Sabrina Davis 12:21.06
2 Macy Penix 12:57.65
3 Brooke McAtee 13:05.12
4 Krislynn Westbrook 13:11.09
5 Yasmine Washington 13:12.63
6 Reece Thorne 13:19.29
7 Jordan Romano 13:49.51

The girls finished with 172 points and were only 10 points out of 3rd place. Congratulations to the Lady Bulldogs on a great cross country season!!

The boys actually tied for 3rd place on points. They missed out on 3rd by tiebreaker. The boys stats are below:
1 Dalton Page 16:36.25
2 Jaden Lopez 16:57.49
3 Micah Zimmerer 17:02.78
4 Nicholas Westbrook 17:03.49
5 John Saine 18:00.04
6 Collin Sutton 18:08.17
7 Charles Womble 18:26.79

Congratulations to the Bulldogs on a great cross country season!!

I want to thank everyone that made the trip down to Round Rock to support our cross country teams. Also, I want to congratulate our cross country coaches, Josh Sypert and Kenneth Henderson, on another great season! Not only did both teams run well at the state meet, the boys and girls were both district champions, and the girls were regional champions and the boys regional runner-up.

Over the weekend, one of our Intermediate School students, Landry Huggins, competed in the USA Gymnastics State Meet. Landry earned All Around Champion, Balance Beam Champion, 2nd Place in Floor Routine, and 4th place in Vault!! Congratulations, Landry!! We are Bulldog Proud of you!!

Landry Huggins – USA Gymnastics State Meet – All Around Champion

From Tammy Harvey, EHS Theater Arts Teacher

On Saturday, November 2, 2017 the Eustace High School Theater Arts Production students attended the Van High School Way OFF Broadway Theater Arts Festival. Students showcased their talents with other students from neighboring school districts and were ranked as either Good, Excellent or Superior in each event. The results were as follows:

Tech Tool Test:
Amy Green – Superior Rank
Jared Eaton – Excellent Rank
Jonathon Guard – Good Rank

Trey Oakley & JD Byrd – Excellent Rank
Joshua Hardy & Hunter Stipe – Superior Rank

Haley Wilbanks and Hunter Stipe – Excellent Rank
Lacie Byrd and JD Byrd – Excellent Rank
Cheyenne Walters – Excellent Rank

Cold Audition:
Jorgann Holgersen – Excellent Rank
Haley Wilbanks – Excellent Rank

Poetry Interpretation:
Zachary Martin – Superior Rank

Original Monologue:
Jorgann Holgersen – Superior Rank

Mask Design:
Llia Guevera – Superior Rank
Journey Hardy – Excellent Rank

Please congratulate these students on their accomplishments. Bulldog Proud!

This Week

Monday – Start of 3rd Six Weeks

Thursday – Report Cards; Intermediate School – Perfect Attendance Reward; Middle School Pep Rally – 2:15; Middle School Football v. Elkhart – 5:00

Friday – Intermediate School – Right Choice & 2nd 6 Weeks Drawings; Senior Night; Varsity District Football v. West – 7:30

I hope everyone has a great week!!







Homecoming Activities

First, welcome back to all of our alumni for the 2017 Bulldog Homecoming! We hope that you enjoy your time back with your friends and family. If there is anything that I may do to make this homecoming better for you, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Second, I want to update everyone on the events and schedules for Homecoming 2017.

Thursday – Our Middle School will be hosting Malakoff this afternoon. The 7th grade game will start at 5:00. The JV football team will be traveling to Westwood today. The JV game is set to start at 6:00.

The Tailgate Party will start at 6:00 PM in the parking lot of Bulldog Stadium. There will be hotdogs, hamburgers, and all the fixings. Everyone is invited to come out to the Tailgate Party!

Around 8:00 PM, the lineup should start for the bonfire parade. The bonfire will be held in the area south of the visitors stands at the football field. Everyone is invited out to the bonfire!

Friday – Because of the weather, we are moving the community wide pep rally indoors to the Kirk Gym. It will be tight getting all of our students, staff, parents, and community members in the Kirk Gym, but it should make for a great pep rally. We are still planning on having the parade around Henderson Street. That should start around 8:15 – 8:30. The pep rally is set to start at 9:00 AM. We are asking everyone for patience in getting everyone in place for tomorrow’s pep rally. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the fun at our Homecoming Pep Rally!

The Homecoming activities will take place prior to the game. The court and homecoming nominees will be presented starting at 7:00 PM.

The homecoming football game against Palestine Westwood will start at 7:30. I invite everyone to come out to see our Bulldog football team, our award winning cheerleading squad, and our award winning band.

Regional Cross Country Meet

Yesterday, the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs competed in the 2017 Regional Cross Country Meet. The meet was held at Lynn Creek Park in Grand Prairie. The Lady Bulldogs won the Regional Championship and the Bulldogs were 2nd Place at Region. Both teams qualified for the state meet!

The top finisher for the girls team was Sabrina Davis who finished 4th overall. On the boys side, Dalton Page finished in 5th place overall.

Boys and Girls Regional Cross Country Teams

Congratulations to all the runners and to Coach Josh Sypert and Coach Kenneth Henderson for another great cross country season!!

The state meet will be held on November 4 in Round Rock. The Lady Bulldogs will run at 1:30 and the Bulldogs will follow at 2:00.




Great Weekend for EISD and This Week

There were lots of good things happening for EISD this weekend. Things got started with the varsity volleyball team winning a hotly contested match against Scurry 3-2. The Lady Bulldogs end their regular season schedule this Tuesday with a match against Edgewood.

Next up, the varsity Bulldog football team posted its first district win of the year, 35-10, over Elkhart. The Bulldogs play Westwood this Friday for Homecoming.

On Saturday, the 7th grade volleyball team placed 2nd at the district tournament. The tournament was played in Eustace. Thanks to Steven Bell for the picture below:

7th Grade Volleyball – 2nd Place in District

Also on Saturday, in their first ever competition, the EHS Robotics Team placed 9th out of almost 100 teams! Their robot was also named “Most Photogenic!” Congratulations to robotics coach and sponsor, Lloyd Mahaffey and all the students that participated in the contest!

This Week

Today is the Regional Cross Country Meet in Grand Prairie. The meet will be held at Lynn Creek Park. The girls run at 1:30 and the boys run at 2:00. Awards take place at 2:45. Good luck to the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs!!

This week is Red Ribbon Week and is also our homecoming week. Various activities will take place at each campus throughout the week.

Thursday will be the tailgate party and bonfire. The tailgate party will start at 6:00 PM and will take place in the parking lot of Bulldog Stadium. The bonfire march will start around 8:00 with the bonfire to follow.

The community wide homecoming pep rally will be Friday morning. The parade will start around 8:15 and the pep rally should start around 9:00 AM. Everyone is invited to come out for the pep rally!

This Week

Monday – Intermediate School fund raiser ends; Regional Cross Country Meet at Lynn Creek Park in Grand Prairie; Girls run at 1:30; boys run at 2:00

Tuesday – Primary School picture day; JV & V volleyball v. Edgewood – 4:30

Thursday – Middle School football v. Malakoff – 5:00; JV football at Westwood – 6:00; Tailgate Party – 6:00; Bonfire – around 8:15

Friday – Homecoming; Pep Rally – 9:00 AM – Bulldog Stadium; Varsity football v. Westwood – 7:30

Saturday – Van Theater Arts Festival and Contests; UIL Area Marching Contest – Denton

I hope everyone has a great week!

Bulldog Band Earns Division I at Region

Yesterday, the Mighty Eustace Bulldog Marching Band earned a  Division I rating at the Region 3 UIL Marching Contest! By earning a Division I, the Bulldog Band qualified to compete in the Area Marching Contest on October 28. The Area Contest will be in Denton.

You can view the entire performance from yesterday below:

Congratulation to the students and directors, Todd Felty and Crystal Heidle. Also, a special thanks to all the people that went to Mesquite to support the Bulldog Band.

The band’s reaction when they learned they had received a Division I: