Pennies for Kooper and Kash

This is Kooper and Kash.

Kooper is a 5th grader here at the Intermediate School.  Kooper has been diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) with a second and third diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and mild to moderate developmental delay.  As a child with PVL gets older, seizures are usually part of the deal. While he has had several Grand Mal Seizures, he primarily suffers from silent seizures.  Kooper has been gifted with Kash…named after Johnny Cash, Kash will be  trained as a service animal for  Kooper.

Beginning today, Monday, March 19th through Friday, March 30th the Intermediate School will be hosting a penny drive, Pennies for Kooper and Kash, to donate to the fund to help provide training for Kash to become a service dog for Kooper.  We are asking students to give what they can for the next two weeks, whether it is a little or a lot, so that we do our best to help Kooper and Kash! We are excited for this opportunity to help one of our own. Thanks in advance for any donation you and your kids can make.

Avoiding the Flu

Good morning Parents and Guardians,

Just want to share some easy steps to help prevent catching or spreading the flu for your kiddos and yourself.

  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing with your arm and shoulder.  Avoid using your hands to cover a cough or a sneeze.
  • Do your best to avoid touching your eyes and nose.
  • Make sure you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often. Keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick.
  • Avoid close contact with others who are sick.
  • Practice other healthy habits like getting a good night’s sleep, practicing good self-hygene, and eating healthy meals.

I want to see all your kiddos at school so everyone needs to do their part to stay healthy.

Mr. Reeve

Family Time Topics…

We have had a great start to our school year here at the Intermediate School.  We have begun our family time in the gym each morning.  We spend this time going over important information with our students.

“Earn it” is a topic we discuss every morning.  Here at the Intermediate School, we schedule many fun things for the students to participate in, including pep rallies, Fun Friday, and Fun in the Sun day just to name a few.  However for the students to attend and participate in the fun things they must earn the privilege. This means that they are making the effort to be at school every day, they are completing their classwork on time, and they are working hard to exhibit the best behavior possible.

We encourage our students to come to school every day.  Many of the things that we have here at the Intermediate school, whether trips or give-a-ways, depend on the student’s attendance.  If your child is sick, we encourage you to please bring your child to school and sign them in at 10am.  If your child has a doctor’s appointment, we encourage you to bring your child and sign them in at anytime during the school day.

The Intermediate School, along with EISD, has begun using Skylert to provide communication services to parents and staff.  Skylert will allow the school to make contact with you using phone messages, emails, and text messages. Skylert will also allow us to provide timely updates when your child misses school.

We thank you for all you do to help us make this school year a success so far.

New Visitors Policy

As you know,  over the past few years you’ve had to present your driver’s license or official ID when visiting the Intermediate Campus in order to receive a visitor’s pass. Based on recommendations from school safety experts the School Board has decided to add an additional step to that process.

Beginning this school year, when you come to visit our campus, you will need to present your official ID each time you come to campus. The secretaries in the office will hold your ID in the office until you leave campus.  You will then pick it up and leave your visitor’s pass. The intent of this new policy is not to cause you more problems, but to be able  account for everyone present on the campus.  This becomes important in case there is ever an emergency.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to keep everyone safe while at our school.


It's That Time of Year…

It is one of my favorite times of year!  I am so excited to see all the kids come back to school.  Hope that you are all as excited as I am.  Just a couple of things to remember…

1. Registration is currently in progress on the Intermediate Campus.  If you have a child new to the district come see us so that we can complete registration.

2. Meet the Teacher is happening Thursday, August 18th beginning at 4pm.  We will begin in the Intermediate Cafeteria.  Hope that you all come out to meet your child’s teacher.

3. School begins Monday, August 22nd at 7:50am.  All students will gather in the Intermediate School’s gym.

I can’t wait to see you all and get this new school year started.  We have a year of exciting things planned for you!

And We Have a Winner!

Fun Friday is fun for a reason…you never know what is going to happen!  This morning students were chosen to participate in the 4th Six Weeks Money-Aire competition.  One student is chosen from each homeroom and the selection of the student is based on perfect attendance.  The chosen students then take turns answering random trivia questions. The 4th Six Weeks Winners were: 3rd grade – Sarah Ford; 4th Grade – Daniel Rodriguez; and 5th Grade – Emma Fisher.  Congratulations guys on your big win!

DSC_0028 (800x532)


This morning we also drew for the Perfect Attendance Bicycle.  All of the students at the Intermediate School, who had perfect attendance for the 4th Six Weeks, had an opportunity to win.  Today’s winner was Marisol Garcia!

DSC_0030 (800x532)


Last but not least was the drawing for All As for the 4th Six Weeks.  The winner of this drawing wins an iPod Shuffle and iTunes Gift Card.  This morning our winner was Gracie Holland!

DSC_0031 (800x532)


Almost every morning I talk to the kids about how important it is to be at school everyday.  They are learning that being as school is what helps keep their grades up and improves their ability to listen and follow directions.  Most important to the kids is that coming to school and earning perfect attendance is the easiest way to win prizes at the Intermediate School.

I am so proud of all our students because they work had to make good choices, make good grades, and to come to school every day.  They are all winners in my book!

EIS Students Surpass Goal

Our students spent several weeks participating in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser for the American Heart Association.  The students were challenged to reach a goal set at $3000.  Our students accepted the challenge and raised a total of $3527.00.  I am so proud of their hard work!  Our top two collectors, Bailey Billings and Morgan Hunter,  were also recognized this morning in the gym with certificates from Jump Rope for Heart.



Mrs. Milner, who hosted the Jump Rope for Heart Event, told the students that if they reached the goal then they could give her a big ol’ pie to the face. Congratulations to our students and thank you Mrs. Milner for being such a good sport.


Students of the Month…

This morning during our Fun Friday we took the opportunity to recognize our Students of the Month for December and January.  These students were chosen by the faculty and staff of Eustace Intermediate. These top students are the students who go above and beyond while listening and following directions, working hard during class, and making good choices during every part of their school day. We at Eustace Intermediate are proud of these students.

December Student of the Month Winners are:  3rd Grade – Mattie Patek, Autumn Pugh, Evie Lopez, and Chloe Nichols; 4th Grade – Sarah Beam, Ethan Mullins, and Lilly Ann Baker; 5th Grade – Emma Bell, Avery Reeve, Trae Townsend, and Lillian Evins.


som 3


January Student of the Month Winners are: 3rd Grade – Cole Carpenter, Mia Morrison, Zane Neeper, and Max Valencia; 4th Grade – Hayden Dennis, Celeste Novella, Landon Estes, and Cannon Kilcrease; 5th Grade – Ana Nopalera, Emma Fisher, Hannah Rawlinson, and Madeline Evins


som 2

Top Kids for the First Semester Celebrate…

Last week, I had the honor to spend the day with the Intermediate School’s top students. These twenty kids worked hard to earn Perfect Attendance, All As, and 95 or above in Conduct for the first three 6 Weeks of school. These kids worked hard during class, listened and followed directions, and came to school everyday!

To celebrate their accomplishments these students had the privilege of bringing their favorite electronic devices from home and spent the day playing games, participating in a special art project, extra PE, going to McDonald’s and playing at the park.

This was a great group of kids and I enjoyed spending the day with them. Congratulations to each of you on your accomplishments, I am very proud of each one of you.

 top kids

3rd grade: Madilyn Andrews, Gracie Holland, Evey Lopez, Madie Henderson, Ranger McKee, Brandt Powers, Autumn Pugh, Danika Rolison, Lylus Woods

4th grade: Aiden Douglas, Cannon Kilcrease, Lydia Stogner, Abby Weatherford

5th grade: Brady Griffin, Alec Holland, Lyra Landrum, Thomas Paschall, Avery Reeve, Raige Row, Angel Worth