March 31, 2018-The Aggie Spirit Scholarship ($500) is now available to Eustace High School graduating seniors who have been accepted to Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Students must have been in attendance at EHS for at least their junior and senior years.

Applications are available in the counselor’s office.


April 10, 2018– The Athens Oddfellow and Rebekah organization is offering their $500 scholarship to graduating seniors who plan to attend TVCC in the fall of 2018. Applications are available in the counselor’s office.


April 16, 2018– The Cedar Creek Lake Parrot Head Club is offering their annual scholarship to a graduating senior who has demonstrated efforts to get involved in volunteer activities. Applications are available in the counselor’s office.

Pennies for Kooper and Kash

This is Kooper and Kash.

Kooper is a 5th grader here at the Intermediate School.  Kooper has been diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) with a second and third diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and mild to moderate developmental delay.  As a child with PVL gets older, seizures are usually part of the deal. While he has had several Grand Mal Seizures, he primarily suffers from silent seizures.  Kooper has been gifted with Kash…named after Johnny Cash, Kash will be  trained as a service animal for  Kooper.

Beginning today, Monday, March 19th through Friday, March 30th the Intermediate School will be hosting a penny drive, Pennies for Kooper and Kash, to donate to the fund to help provide training for Kash to become a service dog for Kooper.  We are asking students to give what they can for the next two weeks, whether it is a little or a lot, so that we do our best to help Kooper and Kash! We are excited for this opportunity to help one of our own. Thanks in advance for any donation you and your kids can make.

Scholarships; TSI testing

April 13, 2018– The Sons of the American Legion, Squadron 310, is offering their annual scholarship for graduating seniors planning to further their education in the fall of 2018. Applications are available in the counselor’s office.


July 31, 2018- UEW Healthcare is pleased to offer the UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship. The Scholarship is open nationwide to those who will be attending college fall semester of 2018. Special consideration will be given to an undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a career in Home Healthcare and knows someone that worked in the nuclear industry and was subsequently approved for benefits under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICPA), but anyone meeting the requirements & can demonstrate an interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare will be considered. This Award will be presented to current college students, but high school seniors who will be attending school in the fall semester of 2018 are also welcome to apply. Eligibility requirements are:

  • This scholarship is judged & awarded primarily on merit & need.
  • Completed application must be submitted online by July 31, 2018. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • Applicant must plan to attend college by fall semester 2018.
  • Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0.
  • A transcript must be attached to application for consideration.
  • Applicant must submit an un-opened copy of official transcripts if selected as a finalist.
  • This scholarship is a one-time award worth $1000 to be awarded the fall semester of 2018.
  • Although not required, applicants are encouraged to submit recommendation letters and/or resumes to substantiate their application.
  • Applicant will be required to demonstrate both their merit and their need for this scholarship
  • Special consideration will be given to applicants who have been affected by EEOICPA and/or have had a loved one who was negatively impacted as a US energy worker.

To apply, visit


The TSI will be given again at Eustace High School on Thursday, March 22, 2018. The TSI must be taken in order to become eligible to take dual credit classes through TVCC. Students may test for free the first two times- after that the $30 fee must be paid prior to testing. Students may sign up until, March 19, 2018 ( the day we get back from Spring Break).

More Scholarships


April 15, 2018-The Cedar Creek Lake Kiwanis Club is offering two scholarships-

  • The Kimberly LaCour Memorial Scholarship for graduating seniors who plan to pursue a degree in nursing (LVN or RN). The application is available in the counselor’s office.
  • The Kiwanis Club Scholarship is available to all other graduating seniors. The application is available in the counselor’s office.


May 31, 2018– The Divorce Matters Scholarship is a $2,500 award for graduating seniors and current college students who have been affected by divorce. This scholarship is sponsored by Divorce Matters, a divorce and family law firm in Colorado. For further requirements and to apply, visit




March 31, 2018- The Blue Knights Motorcycle Club is offering their annual Peace Officer Memorial Scholarship to graduating seniors and freshman level college students. Applications are  available in the counselor’s office.


July 31, 2018– Financial Futures Scholarship is available to graduating seniors who have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and plan to major in business, accounting, finance, mathematics, management, and other degrees related to the personal finance industry. For further information and to apply, visit 


March 30, 2018- The Texas Builders Foundation is offering a scholarship to a Texas high school graduate who plans to pursue a construction related trade certification or construction degree. For complete eligibility requirements and information, refer to the Texas Builders Foundation Scholarship Guidebook and the scholarship instructions and auto-fill application at www.TexasBuilders


March 31, 2018– The Daniel McMahon Chapter of the  Daughters of the American Revolution is offering a $500 scholarship to a Henderson County graduating senior who plans to continue their education at TVCC. TVCC will match this scholarship with an additional $500. The application is available in the counselor’s office.


April 5, 2018-The Henderson County Literary Club is offering a $500 scholarship, with a matching grant from TVCC to graduating female seniors. The application is  available in the counselor’s office.


Scholarships; Summer Pre-Med Camp


March 28, 2018– the Tulsa Welding School in Houston is hosting its annual welding competition on April 14, 2018. The grand prize winner will receive a full tuition scholarship to attend Tulsa Welding School. The competition is open to high school seniors who have taken a welding class in high school or at a vocational technical institute. To apply, visit Applications are also available in the counselor’s office


May 1, 2018– The First State Bank is offering two scholarships to graduating seniors who will be attending TVCC in the Fall of 2018 and are children of First State Bank customers, who have been associated with FSB for no less than three  The scholarships are $1,200 each. The application and scholarship guidelines are available in the counselor’s office.


Stephen F. Austin State University is hosting their tenth JAMP Camp at SFA for juniors(next year seniors) who are interested in getting a jump start on their premedical undergraduate lifestyle and hopefully greater success in applying for the JAMP program in two years. Students will participate in college level instruction in science and math, they spend each morning with clinical professionals in the community, experience a medical school setting at the McGovern Medical School in Houston, and participate in many other activities.  To get more information about this camp and to apply, visit Follow the links on the left side of the homepage to get to the Summer Pre-Med Camp website. The camp will be held July 8-15, 2018. Application deadline is April 1, 2018.




May 30, 2018- Patterson Law Group is looking for motivated and passionate students to create a realistic distracted driving awareness campaign. Submission can be in the following forms:

  • Video or other multimedia
  • Written (like a poem). Not to exceed three paragraphs
  • Photo or Graphic (including a viral Facebook post or mock-up of a billboard)

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be full-time students, entering or attending an accredited university or law school in the United States and must maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0.

The recipient will be awarded a $2108 financial aid scholarship to go toward the expenses of his or her education.

Scholarship details and the application can be found at


TVCC Scholarships

April 15, 2018– The TVCC Scholarship application is now available. Students who plan to attend TVCC in the Fall of 2018 may use this application to apply for any general scholarship offered by TVCC Foundation. . Under the section where it asks: Please indicate the name(s) of scholarships for which you are applying (only one application necessary for ANY donor or departmental scholarship in the college catalog): just put the words any foundation scholarship. The TVCC foundation scholarship committee will match each student with the best scholarship that fits their dreams and accomplishments. The application is attached and is fillable so that it can be emailed back to TVCC. There are also paper applications in the counselor’s office. To access scholarshipo application, click on:

TVCC Scholarship


April 15, 2018-Cedar Creek Lake Rotary Club /TVCC scholarship is also available. Because this scholarship will be matched by TVCC, applicants can use the TVCC scholarship (above) and simply put Cedar Creek Rotary Club in the section asking for which scholarship the student is applying for. Also, students who have graduated and are currently attending TVCC full time may apply for this scholarship.