Addition to Visitor Procedures


We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation over the past few years in presenting your driver’s license or official ID when visiting our campus. Based on recommendations from school safety experts we are adding one more step to that process.

At ALL EISD campuses we will need you to continue to present your official ID when you visit. Starting this year we will hold your ID in the office and you can pick it up when you leave the campus. The purpose of this policy is not to be more invasive, but to be able to quickly and accurately account for everyone present on the campus in the event of an emergency.

We understand it will require some adjustment and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The Times They are a Changin' "

times changin 2

As I am sure many have noticed, the start and dismissal times have changed a little at  all campuses. There are several reasons for this mostly related to a change in the law that requires Texas schools to attend school for a certain number of minutes per year as opposed to days. This benefits us in several ways. For example, the EISD calendar has enough time built into the schedule that in the event we have to miss a few days for bad weather we will not have to make them up.

At Middle School our start and dismissal times are a little later. Our first bell rings at 8:00 and class starts at 8:05. A student is tardy at 8:05. If your only stop is at the Middle School for pick up or drop off you can avoid some of the traffic congestion by arriving a little later in the morning and afternoon.

Traffic around ANY school gets a little crazy in the mornings and afternoons. We appreciate everyone’s patience to keep ALL of our students safe!

Oh the places you'll go

Oh the places

The first day of school is always an exciting time full of nerves, smiles, and new beginnings. It has been a great first day at Eustace Middle School. Our purpose at Eustace ISD is to maximize the opportunities our students have in life. Their opportunities are truly endless. Their mountains are waiting. We vow to do all we can to help our students climb those mountains and go beyond.

A VERY Important Ability!!

I believe everyone is blessed with unique abilities. Some have special abilities to understand Math and Science. Some have incredible abilities in Reading and Writing. The ability to get along with others and be a good friend is amazing. Still others display incredible abilities in athletics, raising animals, working with children. The list goes on and on.

All these abilities can be severely limited, however, without one of the most important abilities … dependability!! In school dependability is most clearly expressed in exemplary attendance, being on time, being at every practice and rehearsal, etc…. Students at Eustace Middle School and Eustace ISD in general have very good attendance, but this is without question the most difficult time of the year to maintain exemplary attendance. With cold weather and the post holiday “blahs” it is easy for students to get into the habit of “not wanting to come to school.” Every little ache, pain, or discomfort seems to get magnified for all of us.

Let’s ALL make every effort to maintain excellent attendance during this most challenging time of the year!!!

A Phone Call Worth Discussing…

I do not often post, or blog, or tweet, on a whim or on emotion, but I received a phone call today where a parent asked me to investigate a situation. It led me to a place that has my emotions pretty raw and on edge. I have worked with kids in some capacity for 30 years now. I don’t see or hear a lot that surprises me anymore, but this shocked, surprised, and truly sickened me. The issue I was investigating led me to a video game that is reportedly played by some of our students. I won’t mention the name of it here as to not bring any undue attention to it. I will gladly share the name with any parent who asks for it in person or on the phone. The violence depicted in this game has me deeply disturbed. I have investigated games such as Grand Theft Auto in the past to see what some of our kids are experiencing, but what I saw today went far beyond anything I have ever seen.

I say all of this to say parents please, PLEASE, monitor your children’s viewing, gaming, and social media activities!! I know many will whine, and cry, and argue, that you don’t respect their privacy … too bad, they will get over it!! They are your kids and in many ways all of our kids and all of us would do anything to protect our kids from harm. There are many people, companies, and agendas in this world that have ZERO regard for the best interests of your children. Monitoring your children’s activities can protect them from many of these.

I hope you understand the spirit of this post and if you would like to discuss any of it with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wow it's October!!

We all know the term “time flies.” The older I get the more it is true!! We have the first six weeks behind us and the year is moving along quickly. This six weeks middle school students will ramp up our preparation for our UIL Academic competition in early December as we strive for our fourth straight academic championship.

The middle school sports scene will be busy as our cross country teams prepare for their district meet. Our football teams begin district play this week as they travel to Elkhart to take on the Elks and our volleyball teams will continue their district schedule finishing up the regular season on October 26th. Our ladies did an outstanding job last night with their victories over Frankston. Watch for pictures to come very soon on our Facebook page “Eustace Middle School” and please “like” our page to keep up with more news and information.

It was a very good first six weeks. We appreciate all the support we receive from parents and the community as we work together to provide our students the best possible education. As always, please do not hesitate to contact teachers, staff, or myself if you have any questions or concerns. Now is the time to discuss ANY kind of concerns because it will maximize our chance to make a difference.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, guardian, friend, or community member we deeply appreciate your care and concern for the students of Eustace Middle School. It takes all of us to provide the very best for our students.

Middle School News

It has been a great start to the school year at EMS. We have a wonderful group of students, parents, and teachers and we are all looking forward to a great year. Things are already very busy. Something new for us this year is our OFFICIAL Eustace Middle School Facebook page. Please “like” our page to keep up with more news, photos, and maybe even a chuckle or two.

There are lots of things coming up…

  • Progress reports will be sent home tomorrow 9/17
  • Tomorrow 9/17 is also our 1st Pep Rally of the year. It will start at 2:00 in the main EMS gym. Parents and guests are welcome to attend. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early and check in at the office to receive you visitor’s badge. A valid state ID or drivers license will be needed.
  • Our EMS Football teams will be in action at Scurry-Rosser tomorrow evening. The 7th grade game begins at 5:00. The 8th grade game will follow.
  • Our Cross Country teams will compete in Canton Saturday morning.
  • Our Volleyball teams will play at Malakoff Monday 9/21

Again, please “like” our Facebook page for more information.